International Conference on Smart Structures and Systems (ICSSS 2017) On March 28th 2018


Ministry of Science and Technology,
Govt of India.

Dr.Ivania Markova

University of Chemical Technology & Metallurgy,Bulgaria.

Dr. L. Sujatha

ECE, Rajalakshmi Engg. College, Chennai.

Dr. S. Suresh

Assistant Professor,
NIT, Tiruchirappalli.

Dr.Elijah Omollo Ayieta

Senior lecturer,
University of Nairobi,Kenya.

ICSSS 2017- All accepted and registered manuscripts can be published in the journal listed in Anna Universiy annexure, Elsevier, Springer and SCI,
with further review and enhancement by the authors, may invite additional fee *



The 2017 ICSSS International conference on Smart Structures and Systems is a premier international event of Madras Section. ICSSS will feature plenary session and invited talks by eminent Scientists and Engineers as well as Tutorials, Paper Presentations and Poster Sessions. Eminent speakers discuss the latest developments of advanced technology on Smart Systems.

Prospective authors are invited to submit original technical papers on (but not limited to) the following topics:

• Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
• Modelling / Synthesis/ Integrating Electronics/ Characterization/ Packaging
• RF/ Telecommunication
• Smart Systems
• Real time Applications
• Bio-MEMS
• Invasive/ Nonvasive systems
• System on Chip
• Social Relevant Bio Application
• Microelectronics
• Nano Technology
• Finite Element Analysis
• Structures integrated with Genetic algorithms / Fuzzy Logic / Neural networks
• Soft Computing / Grid Computing / Cloud computing
• Artificial Intelligent
• Future trends and challenges in Process Instrumentation
• Biomedical &Aerospace Instrumentation
• Digital Signal Processing & Image Processing
• Optical Instrumentation
• Control & Instrumentations
• Linear/ Non-linear Systems
• Transducers
• Modelling/ Synthesis
• CAD Tools
• Intellisuite/ COMSOL/ Coventerware/ MEMS+2/ ANSYS
• Simulation/ Synthesis/ Comparison/ Results
• Innovative & smart Structures
• Power and Energy
• Power Electronics
• Circuits and Systems
• Computing Architectures and Systems
• Network on chip
• Fuzzy Logic/Neural networks
• Embedded Architectures
• Computational Intelligence
• Artificial Intelligence
• Networks and Communications
• Optical Communications
• Network Security
• Robotics and Mechatronics
• Software and Database Systems
• Neuroinformatics
• Chemical Technology
• Bio Technology
• Bio chemistry


Paper submission will be managed online through:
Paper length should be maximum of six (6) pages including figures, tables, references, and appendices. Please use the standard IEEE format only for Microsoft Word or LaTeX format on A4 size pages.
All papers submitted in the conference will undergo a rigorous and peer review process. Accepted papers will be published in the 2017 ICSSS Conference Proceedings with ISSN Number, for which at least one author is required to register for the conference.


Chief Patron
Dr. N.M. Veeraiyan, Founder President & Chancellor Saveetha University

Dr. V. Saveetha Rajesh, President, SEC
Dr. S. Rajesh, Director, SEC

Dr.R.Ramesh ,Principal,SEC

Conference Chair
Dr. Srigitha S Nath, Professor, ECE, SEC

Organizing Chair
Dr.A.K.Shrivastav, Professor, ECE, SEC

Organizing Secretary
Dr.S.Praveen Kumar, Asso Professor, ECE, SEC

Organizing committee
Dr.J.Sheeba Joice, Professor, ECE, SEC
Dr.S.Dhandapani, Professor, ECE, SEC
Dr.M.Selvi, Professor, ECE, SEC

Ms.C.T.Kalaivani,Asst Professor, ECE, SEC
Mr.T.Aravind, Asst Professor, ECE, SEC

Ms.A.Hema Malini, Asst Professor, ECE, SEC
Ms.P.Rekha, Asst Professor, ECE, SEC
Mr.T.K.Srinivasan,Asst Professor, ECE, SEC

Advisory Committee
Dr. Madhavan Swaminathan, Georgia Tech, USA.
Dr. Richard Staunton, University of Warwick, UK.
Dr. Wang Lu, Biomedical Textile Materials International Network, China.
Dr. Dongseob Kim, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Republic of Korea.
Dr. Turgay Celik, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.
Dr. Stoyko Fakirov, CACM, University of Auckland, New Zealand.
Dr. Andris Berzins, Head of Quality Control and Laboratory, Skonto Cross Timber Systems, Latvia.
Prof. Andrea Barbetta, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy.
Prof. Leon O. Chua, University of California, US.
Dr. Ivania Markova – Deneva, University of chemical technology & Metallurgy, Bulgaria.
Dr. Nasrul Humaimi, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
Dr. Pradyumna T, Cambridge University.
Dr. Zhuang Zhemin, Shantou University, China.
Dr. Alex Noel Joseph Raj, Shantou University, China.
Dr. V. Sundarabalan, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA, USA.
Mr. GuruDutt, Sridutt Tech. Solutions, Bangalore.
Dr. K.N.Bhat, IISc, Bangalore.
Prof. Mohan, IISc, Bangalore.
Prof. M.M. Nayak, IISc, Bangalore.
Dr. Sanjeev Srivatsava, IISc, Bangalore.
Dr. Ramachandran, SJB Labs, Bangalore.
Dr. Deepa Bhagat, Agriculture Dept., Bangalore.
Dr. A. Amalin Prince, BITS Pilani.
Dr. D. Devaprakasam, Karunya University.
Dr. Raj K. Darsh, University of Hyderabad.
Dr. R. RaniHemamalini, Dean / EIE, St. Peters Univ.
Dr. Thulasibai, Dean / ECE, Prathusha Engg. College, Chennai.
Dr. Chandramohan, Anna University, Chennai.
Dr. M .Meenakshi, Anna University, Chennai.
Dr. Mukuntha Rao, IIT, Chennai.
Dr. Raju kumar Gupta, IIT, Kanpur.
Dr. L.Sujatha, Rajalakshmi Engg College, Chennai.

Technical Committee
Dr.Bianca Pistillo, Luxembourg Institute of Sci.&Tech, Luxembourg.
Prof. Agnieszka Iwan, Military Institute of Engineer Tech. Poland.
Mr. Gowtham, President, Intelligent Chip Connections, Singapore.
Dr. Poonam Latha, Researcher, NOU, Singapore.
Dr. J.Narayanan, Sankar Nethralaya, Chennai, India.
Prof. Kyung Suk Kim, Director of AMR, Brown Univ, USA.
Dr. Shauna Robbennolt, Univ. of Barcelona, Spain.
Dr. Renyun Zhang, Mid Sweden University, Sweden.
Prof. Paddy French,Delft Univ of Technology, Netherlands.
Dr. Chaitanya Indira, CMR Institute of Technology, India.
Dr. Fiona Weafer, National Univ of Ireland, Ireland.
Dr. Jasim Salman, Al􀀀Nisour University College, Iraq.
Prof. I.N.G.Wardana, Brawijaya University, Indonesia.
Prof. Zeev Zalevsky, Bar Ilan University, Israel.
Prof. Nirupam Chakraborti, IIT,Kharagpur, India.
Prof. Adnan Zaid, University of Applied Sciences, Algeria.
Dr. V.Jeyalakshmi, Anna University.
Dr. Renil Kumar, Researcher IISc Bangalore.
Dr. Manoj Kumar, Asst.Prof, PSG, Coimbatore.
Dr. P. Senthilkumar, Prof., SKR Engg. College.
Dr. Anandhi, Prof., Bio Chemistry, SU.
Dr. Krishna Mohan, Bio Chemistry, SU.
Dr. Hemamalini, Microbiology, SU.
Dr. Kaliyammal, Prof. RVS Engg., Dindugal.
Dr. N. Jayalakshmi, Prof., SEC.
Dr. S. Godfrey Winster, Prof., SEC.
Dr. P. Valarmathie, Prof., SEC.
Dr. P.Latha, Prof., SEC.
Dr. P. Senthilkumar, Prof., SEC.
Dr. R. Ganesan, Prof., SEC.
Dr. A. R. Kalaiarasi, Asso. Prof., SEC.
Dr. B. K.Gnanavel, Prof., SEC.
Dr. A. R. Lakshmanan, Prof., SEC.
Dr. M. Priya, Prof., SEC.
Dr. Enakshi Das, Prof. Physics, SEC.
Mrs. Monica P. Suresh, Asso. Prof. ECE, SEC.

Keynote speakers


Dr.H.Purushotham, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt of India.
Dr. Ivania Markova – Deneva, University of chemical technology & Metallurgy, Bulgaria.
Dr. L. Sujatha,Prof., ECE, Rajalakshmi Engg. College, Chennai, India.
Dr. S. Suresh, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli.
Dr.Elijah Omollo Ayieta,Senior lecturer,University of Nairobi,Kenya.

Note:The above speakers will be confirmed (Minimum Two International speakers are expected)

Venue & Navigation

Conference Venue:

Saveetha Engineering College,
Saveetha Nagar, Thandalam,
Sriperumbudur, Chennai,
Tamilnadu, India-602 105


December 5th 2017 March 28th 2018


Contact Person

Conference Chair ICSSS 2017
Dept. of ECE, Saveetha Engineering College,
Saveetha Nagar, Thandalam, Chennai - 602105
Email Id :
Web :

Website: (Registration and paper submission can be done only by this website)


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